Republic of The Gambia  



  1. The Republic of The Gambia has received an African Development Fund (ADF) grant, ADF Loan, Scaling up The Gambia Electricity Access Program grant and Transitional Support Facility (TSF) Pillar I grant (total of UA15 Million) from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the Gambia Electricity System Reinforcement and Expansion (GESREP).  The project is financed in the following components: (a) ADF-16 grant of UA 10 million, and (b) a TSF-Pillar I Grant of UA 5 million.

2.      The Gambia Electricity System Reinforcement and Expansion (GESREP) project aims at increasing grid electricity access of The Gambia. Provide people with reliable electricity, increase NAWEC’s billing and revenue collection capacity and institutional strengthening. The activities related to the construction of two (2) new 33/11kV Substations, upgrade, rehabilitation and reinforcement of two (2) 33/11kV; rehabilitation and upgrade of low distribution lines (140km) as well as provision of a number of 11/0.4kV compact substations and number of distribution transformers within Greater Banjul Area; the reinforcement of Customer Service Department by providing  five (5) Customer Service Centers fully equipped and functional, and provision of Countrywide Data Center as well as Computerized Plant Management System; Project Implementation Support and Engineering Services and capacity building targeting the enhancement of skills within NAWEC to undertake engineering data collection and analysis, Environmental Monitoring, financial modeling, project monitoring and electricity facilities operational aspects both in urban and rural areas. The project activities shall be implemented through the following components:

Component I:

  • Grid Reinforcement, Rehabilitation and Expansion of electricity distribution infrastructure

–        Construction of two (2) new 33/11kV substations at Tanji and Faraba UTG, rehabilitation and reinforcement of two (2) substations 33/11kV substations at Jabang and Brikama. The substations would be equipped with 33kV and 11kV indoor panels fully complete with SCADA control System/RTUs, protection equipment
and 10MVA Transformer at each substation;

–        Strengthening and revamping of commercial activities through the construction of five (5) new IT-enabled Customer Service Centres, two (2) in GBA, one in Soma, one in Bwiam, and one in Basse integrated into NAWEC’s System;

–        Supply and installation of 30,000 pre-paid meters and 1000 statistical meters all with accessories as well as an appropriate vending and control system to upgrade the current aging system;

–        Rehabilitation and expansion of low voltage lines from at least 20 secondary substations (11/0.4kV) for a total length of 140km located in different locations in GBA;

–        Supply and installation of 10 compact substations up to 500kVA each in identified prominent centers in GBA and 100 distribution transformers ranging from 50kVA to 1000kVA;

–        Supply and installation of countrywide data management system as well as computerized plant management system. The appropriate business information system will be upgraded and installed to revamp manual systems and improve utility management, particularly in the financial, commercial, and logistics areas;

–        Construction of Transformer Repair Mechanical workshop and provision for a storage facility located at Fajara NAWEC T&D Department.

 Component II:

Project Implementation Management :

–        Hiring of a Consultant to assist the project for (i) preparation of preliminary designs, drawings, technical specifications for MV and LV networks and services connections including metering system, data management system, computerized plant management system, and preparation of a full package of Bidding documents and (ii) assisting to evaluate the bids, prepare the contractual  documents, contract negotiations and award, (iii) supervision of construction works  and provision of on-the-job training to NAWEC’s technical staff in engineering area including engineering design of substations, transmission and distribution systems as well as network operation and maintenance;

–        Provision of two (2) project vehicles to ensure effective site supervision;

–        Hiring of consultancy firm for the implementation of the environmental and social management plan (ESMP).

Component III:

Institutional Support and Capacity Building:

 This component will finance the costs associated with NAWEC development support and will mainly focus on operations and maintenance of electrical facilities including substations at all voltage levels, electrical system management, commercial data management, meter management system, transformer repair workshops trainings, the preparation of an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) to reinforce NAWEC’s E&S institutional capacities, etc.

3.      Procurement of goods, works and the acquisition of consultancy services financed under the project, will be carried out in accordance with the “Procurement Policy and Methodology for the African Development Bank Group Funded Operations” (BPM), dated October 2015 and Procurement through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) and shopping procedures will be carried out using Borrower Procurement System (BPS) comprising its Laws and Regulations Public Procurement Act of 2014 which was amended and reinstated in year 2018 & 2022. Bidding documents are expected to be available with effect from September 2023.

4.      Interested bidders may obtain further information and should confirm their interest by contacting Gambia Electricity System Reinforcement and Expansion (GESREP) office or website.

Project Implementation Unit, National Water and Electricity Company

The Managing Director

Attn: Haddy Njie – Project Coordinator

53 Mamadi Maniyang Highway

P.O. Box 609,

Kanifing, The Gambia

Tel : +220 3664125