The Gambia Electricity Access Project







  1. The Republic of The Gambia has received an ADF and TSF-Pillar 1 grant (respectively UA2.77 million and UA9.83 million) from the African Development Bank to finance The Gambia Electricity Access Project. The Purpose of the project is to increase the Gambian population’s access to affordable and reliable electricity services. The Project will be implemented within four (04) years, beginning November 2019.
  2. The Project’s ultimate objective is to increase the Gambian population’s access to affordable and reliable electricity services as such.  It will involve the construction of Medium and Low Voltage lines, erection of transformers and connection of customers in Lower River, North Bank, Central River, and West Coast regions. From the OMVG Energy Project’s two substations (Brikama and Soma), under physical implementation, the project will provide people (men and women) with electricity access and improve the performance of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) by increasing its billing and revenue collection capacities, and building its staff capacities.  The, project activities shall be implemented through the following components:


Component 1: Expansion of electricity distribution infrastructure: construction of electrical infrastructures (MV & LV lines and MV/LV transformers), supply of connection equipment, acceptance tests and commissioning,


Component 2: Project Implementation Management: consultancy services for electrical works supervision, service provisions for works supervision of Customer Service Centers, provisions of logistics to ensure effective site supervision and project implementation unit operations.


Component 3: Institutional development and capacity building: This will include counterpart engineers on the job training with contractor (EPC and Owner’s Engineer), trainings, study tours, sensitization services on the productive use of electricity, empowerment of women and youth, training on gender and sustainable development.

3. Procurement of goods, works and the acquisition of consultancy services     financed   under the project, will be carried out in accordance with the “Procurement       Policy and Methodology for the African Development Bank Group Funded Operations” (BPM), dated October 2015. Bidding documents are expected to be available with effect from January 2020.

4. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting

National Water and Electricity Company Limited (NAWEC) Project Office:


National Water and Electricity Company

Gambia Electricity Access Project

The Managing Director

Attn: Haddy Njie – Project Coordinator

53 Mamadi Maniyang Highway

Kanifing, K.M.C.


P.O. Box 609, Banjul

The Gambia

Tel: +220 996 1301/ 996 7791

Fax: +220 437 5990


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