Targeted Internships at NAWEC for Female Technicians and Engineers Call for Applications

Targeted Internships at NAWEC for Female Technicians and Engineers

Call for Applications

Name of the intervention
Targeted Internships for Female Technicians and Engineers at NAWEC
Women are underrepresented in both technical and non-technical roles in the energy and water sectors in The Gambia with the share of women’s employment currently standing at 15 percent versus 85 percent for male with less than 1 percent of women in technical and engineering jobs combined at NAWEC, and with no women Engineers in several energy and water sector institutions. Furthermore, NAWEC has an ongoing short-internship program and receives hundreds of interns per year, from which less than 25% are female, with a retention rate of 0%. As part of NAWEC’s gender program with financing from the Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP) which is funded through the World Bank, this internship program is initiated to improve the said gender gap by strengthening the pipeline of technical female staff and by implementing specific targeted activities to facilitate the integration of female staff at NAWEC, when needed.
The project will implement an internship program focused on technical fields (that match NAWEC’s priority areas of human resources development) coupled with targeted individual and collective mentorship/coaching sessions to foster in-depth on the job training, boost confidence and self-awareness as well as increase the possibility of integration at NAWEC. 20 profiles will be identified for the above internship program.

Interns’ Profiles and Selection:

Based on our assessment of NAWEC’s HR needs, expertise and profiles of prospective candidates should be related to but not limited to one of the following areas, either at Technician or Engineering level:

·       Mechanical Engineering

·       Electrical Engineering/Electrical Installation

·       Electronics

·       Civil Engineering

·       Water Engineering

·       Auto-mechanics

·       Electro-mechanical

·       Solar PV maintenance and installation


To each intern, an internship coordinator will be assigned who will be responsible for the overall coordination/monitoring of the intern, the individual mentorship/coaching sessions, and the final internship evaluation.

The selection criteria will cover two levels: i) general criteria; and ii) specific technical criteria – as follows:

·       Education background in a technical field (preferably related to the energy and/or water sectors).

·       Not be currently enrolled in a technical training program.

·       Not be a current employee of NAWEC.

·       Preference will be given to GERMP gender scholarship graduates.


Selection and Evaluation:

Interested applicants for the Internship Program can collect application forms from the NAWEC Records Office at NAWEC H/Q. Completed forms can be submitted to the same office on or before the closing date of 11th August, 2023.

The evaluation and selection of the internees will be divided in 3 stages:

·       Stage 1 – Administrative evaluation (match between the submissions and the required criteria)

·       Stage 2 – Match between candidates and available positions (match between submissions and profiles)

·       Stage 3 – Interview of the shortlisted candidates (including scoring of their performance)

The candidates will be ranked by score (for each position) and selected accordingly.


Internship Approach

The internship will last for 5 months. During this period, the interns will be expected to acquire the skills required to perform at a technical role within NAWEC, commensurate to the intern’s qualification and experience. Monthly sessions will be organized with the interns by assigned supervisors to simultaneously assess their progress and to guide them and provide specific coaching in areas identified. The interns will also benefit from at least a collective mentoring session with external stakeholders to be organized by the Gender Committee.

Before the end of the 5 months, each supervisor will provide a performance report and recommendations.


At the end of the internship program, a final report will be prepared (in addition to the individual evaluation of each intern) describing the overall process and the lessons learned to inform future programs.

Preliminary Schedule

Task Expected Dates/Timelines
Launch of the application process 20th July, 2023
Submission of applications 20th July – 11th August 2023
Short list of Candidates/Interview 14th August- 1st September 2023
Communication to Selected Interns 4th September-8th September, 2023
Internship 15th  September 2023 -15th February 2024
Individual Coaching Meetings Monthly
Collective Mentoring Program Between Mid-November to Late December, 2023
Development of Individual Performance Report Mid-January, 2024
Close of Internship 15th February 2024

Internship Package


·       Each intern will receive a monthly stipend of 5, 000 GMD.

·       In addition to a Health and Safety induction, personal protection equipment will also be provided if needed