NAWEC informs the public that the OIC Road construction company will embark on the stringing of the MV line diversion around Paradise View on Saturday 19th November 2022. The exercise is planned to last for only six hours, from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm.

As a result, the following areas will experience some disruptions in the electricity supply:

  1. Wulikamba
  2. Sukuta
  3. Nema-Kunku
  4. Sinchu-Alagie

NAWEC apologizes for the inconvenience caused while thanking all the affected customers for their understanding and cooperation. Normal service will be restored soon after the diversion exercise is completed.

Invitation to Tender – Supply and Installation of NAWEC Primary Substations and Rehabilitation/Upgrading of Transmission Network within OIC Concentrated Area

SUBJECT:      Invitation  to tender

PROJECT: Supply and Installation of NAWEC Primary Substations and Rehabilitation/Upgrading of Transmission Network within OIC Concentrated Area



  1. Government of The Gambia (the “Beneficiary”) has received financing from the Saudi Fund for Development through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs for the Supply and Installation of NAWEC Primary Substations and Rehabilitation/Upgrading of Transmission Network within OIC Concentrated Area being executed by the National Water and Electricity Company (the “Executing Agency”).


  1. The Executing Agency hereby invites interested Saudi Arabian Contractors to submit Tenders either individually or in Joint venture with Gambian contractors to submit bids for these works. Only eligible contractors under the contract for electrical and civil works are invited to bid and implement the construction of the following:
  2. Substations Upgrade and New Construction
  3. Augmentation of Bijilo Substation
  4. Augmentation of Mile2 Substation
  5. New Banjulinding Substation
  6. New Banjulinding Customer Service Centre
  7. 33kV OHTL LI-LO for New Banjulinding Substation
  8. 11kV OHTL from New Banjulinding Substation
  9. 11kV UG Cables from New Banjulinding Substation
  10. 11kV OHTL from Kotu Tank Substation
  11. Replacement of Ring Main Units
  12. Replacement of Faulty Cable Section at the Airport



  1. Network Enhancement
  2. Upgradation of Seventeen (17) number. 11/0.4kV Overloaded Secondary


  1. Upgradation of Four (04) number. 33/0.4kV Overloaded Secondary Substations
  2. Offloading & Expansion of 11/0.4kV Secondary Substations at Thirty-Four

(34) number. locations

  1. Offloading & Expansion of 33/0.4kV Secondary Substations at Eighteen

(18) number. locations

  1. Installation/Replacement of 11kV Load Break Switches at Seven (07) number.


  1. Replacement of 1000kVA transformer with 2000kVA Transformer and

associated replacement of LV Switchgear at the Airport.


  1. Above mentioned works will be financed by Saudi Fund for Development (SFD). Any contract award or any matter in connection with this Tender or indeed this project will be subject to the approval of the above funding institution.
  2. A firm will be selected based on fulfilment of technical requirement and overall competitive cost and in a Full Technical Proposal (FTP) format as described in this RFP, in accordance with the policies of the SFD, detailed in the Guidelines – which can be found at the following website:
  3. Construction is envisioned to commence during the month of April 2022 for a total period of Twelve (12) months and an additional twelve (12) months as Defects Liability Period.
  4. Interested bidders are required to pay, a non-refundable fee of Three Hundred US Dollar (300 US) for the Tender documents. The payment shall be made in cash, Bank transfers, or a certified bank cheque in favor of the Employer, NAWEC, whose address is:

National Water & Electricity Company Limited,

Office of the Managing Director

53, Mamady Manyang Highway,

P.O. Box 609, Banjul The Gambia

  1. The tender is open to Saudi Arabian contractors only and Saudi Arabian/Gambian joint venture contractors (i.e. Saudi Arabian contractors solo or Joint Venture of Saudi Arabian and Gambian company).


  1. All Tenders, must be made and submitted strictly in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderers, must reach the following address not later than Thursday, 31st March 2022, 12.00Hrs. (GMT),

The Managing Director,

National Water & Electricity Company Limited,

53, Mamady Manyang Highway, Kanifing,

P.O. Box 609, Banjul The Gambia


  1. Tenders received after this date (or any unauthorized extension thereof) will be rejected or returned unopened to the Tenderer(s).
  2. All Tenderers are invited to attend the opening of the Tenders to be held at the office of The Managing Director of National Electricity and water company on the date of Tender submission as specified in item  above or any subsequent dates stipulated by the  Executing Agency during the Tender process.
  3. The tender shall remain valid for 120 days from the closing date.
  4. If you have any queries or questions on the Tender documents, these must be made in writing or by fax to the Executing Agency at the address given at least Twelve (12) calendar days prior to submission of Tender date to give allowance for a reply to reach you. Oral explanations or instructions given before the award of the Tender will not be binding upon the Executing Agency. All clarifications together with their response will be circulated to all tenderers.
  5. Any information given to you concerning this Tender will be furnished to all prospective Tenderers as an amendment to the Tender documents if it is deemed that such information would be prejudicial to uninformed Tenderers.
  6. An official obligatory site visit is scheduled for 15st February 2022. Only interested bidders who made the Tender documentation’s purchase payment (refer item 6 above) will be permitted 15. All participating Tenderers are requested to assemble at Headquarter of NAWEC by 10.00 a.m. (GMT). Members of NAWEC staff and the Consulting Engineer will conduct the site visit and will be available to answer the queries raised by the Tenderers.
  7. A pre-Tender meeting will be held on 16th February 2022 at the Headquarter of NAWEC Conference room @ 10.00 a.m. (GMT)