Request for Expression of Interest – Developing a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Implementation Support for Solar PV Plant with Battery Storage in The Gambia





The Gambia

Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP)

Loan No./Credit No./ Grant No.: IDA-V1120

Assignment Title: Developing a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) Implementation Support for Solar PV Plant with Battery Storage in The Gambia

Reference No. (as per Procurement Plan): GERMP/Services/C3/02


The approved Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was based on the outcome of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report of the proposed on-grid 20 MW solar photo voltaic (PV) plant to be located on a 31.5ha piece of land in the village of Jambur in the West Coast Region of The Gambia. The land was allocated to the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) for the proposed solar project.


The solar PV Plant is one component of the Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP), with the specific aim of generating renewable electricity through solar energy. GERMP is a $121 million multi-donor funded project involving the World Bank (WB), European Union (EU) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). Specifically, the development of the solar PV plant is funded mainly by EIB, whilst the reinforcement of the transmission and distribution network is being supported mainly by the WB.


Since this project is funded by the EIB and WB, and its implementation will result in involuntary resettlement, it is a requirement that a RAP be developed according to the EIB Environmental and Social Standards 6 (ESS 6), and the Involuntary Resettlement Policy of the World Bank (OP 4.12). This is because when involuntary resettlement takes place, people lose their land, assets and access to assets, their income and livelihoods, with or without physical relocation. The effect of these losses on the persons living in the project zone would increase poverty, unless measures are put in place to compensate them for the losses incurred so that the living conditions of pre-project PAPs are recovered or even improved.


The objective of the RAP, therefore, is to provide guidelines that will ensure that since land acquisition for the project activities is inevitable, resettlement and compensation processes for the lost land and associated assets must be executed in line with the RAP.


The timeline for initiating the RAP implementation will be provided by the PIU. From initiation, the duration of the services will be for six (6) months. The consultant shall help NAWEC PIU in all other matters deemed necessary to implement the RAP in its spirit and entirety.


The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be obtained at the address given below:


National Water and Electricity Company Limited (NAWEC) now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services.


The shortlisting criteria are:


  • Project Manager/Team Leader should be a post-graduate, preferably in social sciences with financial management background. S/he should have 8-10 years’ experience in implementation of resettlement plans and development of reports with good knowledge on GIS and mapping of Project affected area and PAP plots of land. S/he should have held responsible position in the previous assignments and should possess participatory management skills. Knowledge of local languages (Mandinka and Wolof) is necessary.


  • Social Specialists as Community Facilitators should have a graduate or post- graduate or equivalent in social sciences with at least five years field experience. They shall have experience in implementation of resettlement in project development works with knowledge of prevailing resettlement policies including WB/EIB policies, and knowledge of gender issues and/or Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Violence Against Children (VAC), Sexual Exploitation and Abuse/Sexual Harassment (SEA/SH). Should have at least three years of experience in community consultation (including one with demonstrated experience with gender-sensitive and inclusive and accessible consultation approaches and working with women community members to create safe-spaces for discussion), and take into account other vulnerable persons such as persons with disabilities, those who are illiterate, elderly and others. Knowledge of the local language and experience of working in The Gambia desired.


  • Land acquisition facilitator should have knowledge of the Gambia’s Land Acquisition Act and land acquisition process, prevailing resettlement policies including WB/EIB policies and its implementation. They should have 3-5 years working experience on land acquisition issues and facilitating discussions between various stakeholders related to land acquisition.


  • Land Acquisition Specialist should be a graduate or equivalent in the social sciences with five years field experience in Land Acquisition, using maps to identify PAP assets, should have knowledge of prevailing land acquisition Act and WB/EIB policies.

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to Section III, paragraphs, 3.14, 3.16, and 3.17 of the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” July 2016 and revised November 2017  and August 2018 (“Procurement Regulations”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.


Consultants may associate with other firms to enhance their qualifications but should indicate clearly whether the association is in the form of a joint venture and/or a sub-consultancy. In the case of a joint venture, all the partners in the joint venture shall be jointly and severally liable for the entire contract, if selected.


A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Consultant’s Qualification-based Selection method set out in the Procurement Regulations.


Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours:


Expressions of interest must be delivered in a written form to the address below (in person, or by mail, or by fax, or by e-mail) by April 30th , 2020.


The Managing Director

National Water and Electricity Company

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The Gambia

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