The Government of The Gambia (GOTG), with financing from the World Bank’s Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP), will construct a High Voltage 225 kV Transmission and Distribution line from Brikama to Jabang, where a 225/33 kV substation will be built on the south-eastern edge of the Salagi Forest Park.


The transmission line will start at the edge of the Salagi Forest Park and run along the buffer zone of the Forest up to the Forest billboard at the “Foni” suburb Jabang/Jamwelleh about 1.4 km off the Sukuta-JambangJelly Highway. From the Forest billboard, the line will turn left and run southward along the boundary between Jabang and Jamwelly (i.e. along the Jabang/Sare Pateh area) to the Koli Kunda suburb of Jabang, about 0.5 km away. At this point the line will turn left approximately 90o and run about 1.1 km towards Mariama Kunda before turning right and running about 1.9km southwards towards Yuna crossing the earth road going to Labakoreh. From there, the Line slightly turns right again and runs south for 2.6km along the border between Latrya (passing only 100 metres from the Lariya Lower Basic School) and Jabang, 600 meters from the Sukuta-Jambajelly highway. The line will also cross the cashew garden belonging to one Binta Silva in Latrya to the western edges of Jambur.


From there it turns left crossing the Sukuta-Jambangjelleh Highway, 200 metres from the Jambur roundabout, and running towards the proposed Solar Power Plant in Jambur.


The line will then run along the northern sides of the Bamba and Nyambai Forest Parks crossing the Brikama-Serrekunda Highway to the Brikama power plant.


All those whose land(s) are affected by the Project (especially those located within the above-mentioned corridor) are hereby invited to a meeting to be held at the residence of the Alkalo within whose village the land is located on the following dates and times indicated below:


  1. Jabang – at the residence of the Alkalo on 14th June 2021 at 10.00
  2. Jamwelly – at the residence of the Alkalo on 14th June 2021 at 12.00
  3. Latriya – at the residence of the Alkalo on 14th June at 15.00
  4. Mariama Kunda – at the residence of the Alkalo on 15th June at 10.00
  5. Jambur – at the residence of the Alkalo on 15th June at 12.00
  6. Faroto – at the residence of the Alkalo on 15th June at 15.00
  7. Farato Bojang Kunda – at the residence of the Alkalo on 16th June 2021 at 10.00
  8. Brikama – at the residence of the Alkalo on 16th June 2021 at 13.00


In particular, the following Project Affected Persons (PAPs) are hereby strongly urged to attend the above meetings:


Brikama Locality


  1. Ebrima Sanneh
  • Boubacar Balde
  • Idy Sanneh
  • Wood factory
  • Cement factory


Farato Bojang Kunda


  1. Wurry Jallow
  2. Abdoulie Darboe c/o Saidou Sanneh
  3. Kabiro Barjo c/o Lamin Barjo
  4. Ousman Sanneh c/o Saidou Sanneh
  5. Muhammed Dampha
  6. Fatou Ndong c/o Abdoulie Jatta
  7. Malang Saidy
  8. Hulay Bah c/o Musa Bah
  9. Borry Fatty
  10. Yusupha Yaffa




1          Basirou Ceesay

2          Yakub Al Amin Drammeh

?          Modou Saneh

3          Momodou Sanneh

4          Kemo Sanneh c/o Ousman Darboe

5          Sainey Konjera

6          Faburama Jarjusey

7          Lamin Camara

8          Lamin Camara

9          Lamine Drame

10        Mamading Fadera c/o Lamin Fadera




1          Samba Bah c/o Lamarana Bah

2          Mustafa Jatta

3          Mamadou Sanneh

4          Mandou Jallow

5          Fatou Ceesay

6          Lang Tombong Tamba

7          Ebrima Korta c/o Aminata Saho

8          Jobe

9          Ibrahima Coly

10        Alima Secka




1          Borry Touray

2          Tidiane Njie

3          Ansumana Bojangg

4          Jaharaie Kabba

5          Mamadou Moustapha Baldeh

6          Karafa Tamba

7          Kebba Saloum Manka

8          Modou Sankareh

9          Malick Ceesay

10        Babou Njie




1          Ebrima Jallow

2          Salagi Forest




1          Mamadou Salieu Jallow c/o Modou Secka

2          Yancuba Touray

3          Ramou Saine c/o Alhagi Ceesay

4          Ibrahima Jobe

5          Isatou Ceesay

6          Malick Mendy

7          Samboujang Gassama c/o Pa Ousman Nyang

8          Bintou Silva

9          Madi Mbaye

10        Mamadou Salieu Jallow c/o Modou Secka


Anybody whose name has not been mentioned, and who owns land in the above mentioned areas, is equally urged to attend these meetings on the appointed dates and times.


For further details affected persons are requested to immediately contact NAWEC Project Implementation Unit (Telephone 220 996416, 9963511), the Alkalo of the appropriate village or SD-Focus Ltd (Telephone 7488510/9204411/3600825/5044127), the Consultant implementing the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP).