PRESS RELEASE – NAWEC moves to address delays in meter shipments


NAWEC moves to address delays in meter shipments


NAWEC acknowledges that responses to meter applications are taking longer than normal. This is due to the worldwide Covid-related supply chain challenges, which are disrupting shipments everywhere, including meters and other components.

NAWEC is therefore reassessing its supply chain strategies to make them more resilient. Measures being taken to improve the situation include:

  1. Increasing stock levels and warehouse capacities.
  2. Identifying a wider range of suppliers, including closer to home.
  3. Performing regular supplier audits.
  4. Considering alternative logistic options, including via Dakar Port whenever economically justifiable.

To meet the demands of its customers, NAWEC recognizes the need to act more flexibly and quickly. Thanks to the new Management Information System currently being installed, NAWEC’s various departments will be able to interact more quickly. This will allow the group to deliver results that better serve its customer’s needs. For example, it will also help the company move towards a cashless business environment. The new Information Management System will also help NAWEC better track inventory and thus avoid delays. Coupled with the above-mentioned strategies NAWEC is confident that its response rates to meter applications will increase significantly once new supply sources and routes are in place.

Please be aware that while the IMS system is up and running, it is common throughout the world to have occasional glitches as such systems are initially put in place. Please be assured that this is normal and that NAWEC will be working hard to remove any that occurs as quickly as possible.

NAWEC wishes to thank its clients for their continued cooperation and patience while it embarks on major reforms. These will positively transform the way it does business and serves its customers.

NAWEC values all comments and feedback from its customers.  This information, both positive and negative, will help the organization continually make improvements.