NAWEC and EDG Mark Milestone Agreement to Power the Future

🌐 NAWEC and EDG Mark Milestone Agreement to Power the Future

November 10, 2023
In a historic move, The Gambia’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy, Hon. Jobe, and the Prime Minister of Guinea Conakry, Dr. Bernard Goumou, joined forces to formalize a transformative addendum to the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) and Électricité de Guinée (EDG).
Key Highlights of this Pioneering Agreement:
1. Cross-Border Synergy:
– The addendum symbolizes an elevated commitment to cross-border collaboration, solidifying the energy partnership between NAWEC and EDG.
2. Substantial Power Boost:
– Under the revised terms, NAWEC gains the capacity to import a significant 205 GWh annually from Guinea Conakry, a substantial stride in bolstering energy resources and cooperation.
3. Visionary Leadership Perspective:
– Minister Hon. Jobe, in his address, underlined the visionary essence driving this agreement, aligning with the shared commitment to regional development and sustainable energy practices.
4. Prime Minister’s Positive Outlook:
– Dr. Bernard Goumou expressed optimism, stating, “This agreement signifies the strengthening friendship between our nations and a shared dedication to advancing energy solutions for our people.”
5. Deepening Bilateral Relations:
– The collaboration between NAWEC and EDG is poised to deepen the bilateral ties between The Gambia and Guinea Conakry, fostering a cooperative approach to addressing the energy needs of both nations.
Anticipating a Radiant Future:
As NAWEC and EDG embark on this transformative journey, the addendum reflects a collective commitment to an interconnected, sustainable energy landscape. This landmark partnership heralds a step towards a future where energy knows no boundaries, benefitting citizens on both sides of the border.
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