INVITATION FOR TENDERS – Tenders for the purchase of no longer needed or obsolete supplies materials, equipment, and motor vehicles





The Scrap Materials /Unserviceable properties for auction are as follows

  • Obsolete Motor (Vehicles and Motorcycles)
  • Scrap Material (Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution Items)
  • Water Production & Distribution Materials (Obsolete Items)
  • Information Technology & Furniture (Obsolete Items)



Invitation for Tenders

Date: 20th July 2022

  1. The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) intends to dispose of unserviceable, no longer needed and or obsolete supplies materials, equipment and motor vehicles. The obsolete Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles, Scrap material (Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution),Water Production & Distribution (Obsolete Items) and Information & Technology & Furniture (obsolete items are disposed of on “as is, where is” basis and the procuring entity shall have no further liability after sale.
  2. The National Water and Electricity Company now invites Tenders for the purchase of no longer needed or obsolete supplies materials, equipment, and motor vehicles.
No. Lots Item Description
1 Lot 1 Obsolete Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
2 Lot 2 Scrap Materials (Power Generation & Transmission & Distribution Items )
3 Lot 3 Water Production & Distribution Items (Obsolete Items)
4 Lot 4 Information Technology & Furniture (Obsolete Items)
  1. Tendering will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding [1] procedures specified in the Public Procurement Regulations, 2019 and is open to all Tenderers as defined in the Regulations.
  2. To clarify and or explain any of the requirements, terms and conditions stipulated in the invitation to bid and terms and conditions of sale, a pre-bid meeting shall be held on the 16th August 2022 at 10:00 am at the Nawec Board Room, Mamadi Manjang Highway, Nawec Head office, Kanifing.
  3. Interested Tenderers may inspect the unserviceable no longer needed or obsolete supplies Materials equipment and Motor Vehicles on the 16th August 2022 from 10.00 Am at the Nawec Board Room, Mamadi Maniyang Highway, Nawec Head Office, Kanifing. The detailed schedule will be provided to all interested bidders from the Greater Banjul Area and the Provinces.
1 Fajara Booster Station


Essau Power Station

Serekunda Tank


Kanuma Borehole No. 1

3 Transport Garage at NAWEC Headquarters 3 Juffureh Borehole
4 Kanifing Store 1 at NAWEC Headquarters 4 Kerewan Power Station
5 Kanifing Store 2 at NAWEC Headquarters 5 Farafenni Power Station
6 Kanifing Store 3 at NAWEC Headquarters 6 Kaur Power Station
7  IT Materials at NAWEC Headquarters 7 Bansang T & D Base and Rev. Office
8 Kotu Power Station 8 Bansang Power Station
9 Brikama Ballast 9 Basse Power Station and Rev. Office
10 Brikama 1 Power Station 10

Mansakonko Power Station

11 Brikama 2 Power Station
  1. Interested eligible Tenderers may obtain further information by accessing a complete set of the Tendering Documents in English of the tender.

Mr Kainding Sambou – Senior Procurement and Materials Manager,

Mr Famara Kinteh-Procurement Manager

Mr Adama Lowe-Procurement officer of National Water & Electricity Company Limited

Electronic mail address:,,

and inspect the bidding document during office hours at the address given below Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding document during official hours Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 4:00 Pm and Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the address given above.

  1. The bidding document in English may be purchased by interested Bidders upon the submission of a written application to the address above and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of GMD 10,000.00 The method of payment will be electronic transfer. The document will be sent by email.
  2. Sealed bids must be addressed and delivered to the office of the Managing Director, 53 Mamadi Maniyang Highway, P.O.BOX 609 Kanifing on or before 12:00 PM Banjul on the 31st August 2022. The sealed envelope must be accompanied by a Bid Security from a reputable Financial Institution for a period of 120 days as follows:
  3. LOT 1: D50,000.00
  4. LOT 2: D500,000.00
  5. LOT 3: D60,000.00
  6. LOT 4: D5,000.00
  7. Sealed bids received shall be opened at 12:15 pm in the presence of bidders’ representatives who choose to attend on the 31stAugust 2022 at NAWEC Boardroom.
  8. Bidders are reminded that the price for Lot 2 and Lot 3 only will be based on the cost per tonnage of the materials in the submission of their financial offers.
  9. The successful bidder for lot 2 and Lot 3 will be responsible for any logistical arrangement involved in weighting and determine the tonnage of the materials to be charge.

[1]Method could be National Competitive Tendering, International Competitive Tendering or any other competitive bidding method approved by the appropriate tender board.