Invitation for Expression of Interest – Water Supply Project in the Great Banjul Area (WASIB)

Invitation for Prequalification


Water Supply Project in the Great Banjul Area (WASIB)

Short-term – Emergency Works Component


The National Water and Electricity Company of Gambia (NAWEC) has received funds from Agence Française de Développement (“AFD“) and it intends to apply part of the funds to payments under the contract concerned by the present invitation, for Design & Build of the Short-term Works of the Water Supply Project in the Great Banjul Area (WASIB). The Employer intends to prequalify firms for attribution of this contract, comprising the following scope of work:

Emergency works
Rehabilitation of 8 damaged water tank liners
Design and build of 1 new elevated water tank for replacement (Serrekunda old tank – 500 m3) – including foundations and tower;
Design and build of 1 new water ground level reservoir for replacement (Serrekunda reservoir – 900 m3);
Replacement of 3 damaged elevated water tanks’ galvanised tank panels (tank only);
Replacement of 9 old transfer pumps
Upgrade of 2 transfer pumping stations (Brikama north line & Kotu ring)
Design and build of 2 boreholes in the airport sector (Airport 2 and 3), including equipment and connection to the transmission line to the Yundum new tank and MV line
Equipment of 1 borehole (Airport 1) in the airport sector and connection to the transmission line to the Yundum new tank and MV line;
Connection of 1 borehole (NASA) in the airport sector to the transmission line to the Yundum new tank and MV line;
Design and build of 2.58 km DN150-DN300 uPVC transmission main between NASA well and Yundum new elevated tank, including all joints, valves, accessories, and structure. Including topographic survey;
Purchase and implementation of bulk water metering: 36 on wells, 27 inlets/outlets of water tanks, 17 for treatment plants and pumps. Including 21 emitters for tanks outlet meters and 35 emitters for wells meters;
Construction of 8 new chambers for implementation of meters;
Replacement of faulty non-return valves: 27 at the inlet of elevated tanks, 32 for transfer pumps;
Replacement of inlet and outlet pipes of 8 elevated tanks;
Implementation of 21 regulation valves on elevated tanks.
Implementation of 6 float valves on elevated tanks;
Implementation of telemetric remote control-command of 21 elevated tanks, 16 wells of Brikama well field and 19 stand-alone wells;
Equipment of two control rooms for telemetric system and training (Brikama and Serrekunda);
Replacement of existing water treatment plant chlorination system by calcium hypochlorite, and O&M training on 5 WTPs.
Purchase of wells spare submersible pumps, motors, and impellers
Supply and delivery of truck with mounted crane for maintenance of submersible pumps
Purchase of 10 000 customer water meters
Laboratory equipment upgrade and training.

Interested eligible Applicants may obtain further information from and inspect the prequalification documents at the Office Managing Director National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (address below) from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

A complete set of the prequalification documents in English may be obtained free of charge by interested Applicants on the submission of a written application to the address below. The documents will be sent to the Applicants by email.

Applications for prequalification should be submitted in sealed envelopes, delivered to the address below by 20th OCTOBER 2021, and be clearly marked “APPLICATION TO PREQUALIFY FOR DESIGN & BUILD OF THE SHORT-TERM WORKS OF THE WATER SUPPLY PROJECT IN THE GREATER BANJUL AREA (WASIB)“.


The Office of the Managing Director, National Water and Electricity Company Ltd.

PO BOX, 609   53 Mamadi Maniyang Highway kanifing, Banjul The Gambia

Telephone: 00220 -9962551