EXIM Bank of India   USD 22.5m Consultancy Stage 1 (Design and Tendering 200,522.99 February, 2017 October, 2017 September, 2019
Consultancy Stage 2 (Supervision of Works 343,753.70 March, 2018 September, 2019
EPC Works Construction of Works (Scope) 14,257,399.84 March, 2018 September, 2019 March, 2020
Consultancy Stage 3 (Defect Liability Period 12,604.31 September, 2019 August, 2020 February, 2021
WORLD BANK  USD 90M .On Grid solar PV 20 MW in Jambur with batteries backup. 28 Million Nov. 2018 Jan. 2021
Consruction of 132 KV transmision line from Brikama to Kotu and of 3 new substations 12 Million Sept. 2018 Dec. 2020
National Dispatch Centre/SCADA/EMS 7 Million    
Upgrade of primary and secondary substations 5 Million
Switchgear upgrades 2.5 Million
Replacement incandescent lights with LED lights in GBA 0.5 Million Aug. 2017 Nov.2018 May-19
Service Contractor 2 Million Aug. 2016 Oct. 2018 Nov. 2021
IT system for NAWEC 3 Million Sept. 2018 Aug. 2020
Owners Engineer (supervision of contract implementation for PV and T&D 3 Million Aug. 2018 Aug. 2020
Feasibility studies for Solar PV 0.3 Million Apr. 2017 May. 2019 Dec. 2019
Feasibility studies for Solar T&D 0.5 Million Aug. 2017 May. 2019 Dec. 2019
Individual Consultant for NAWEC-PIU 0.2Million
Communication Campaign 3-4.5 Million    
EXIM Bank of India   USD 30m Design,supply, installation,commisioning of Transmission and Distribution Network including River Crossing 10,500,500.50 November, 2013 March, 2016
Design,supply, installation,commisioning of 2MW HFO Based DG Power Station at Basse and Farafenni 8,611,559.50
Design, Supply, Installation & Commisionning of Power Plants 2,870,580 01-Jun-17 24-Dec-18
Design, Supply, Installation & Commisionning of 2384kW at Farafenni and 2682kW at Basse 6,612,395
BADEA & OFID USD22.32M Design,Supply, Installation & commisionning of 11MW HFO Generator 22.32 MILLION Dec. 2015 Jun. 2017 Aug. 2018
WORLD BANK  USD 18.5M Expansion Of available generation at Kotu and Brikama 7 Million Jan-16 Dec-19
Reduction of Technical and Commercial losses in GBA 4.5 Million
Institutioal Strenghtening and Project Implementation Support 7 Million
IDB                      USD24M Design, supply, installation and commisionning of two engines 2×10 at Brikama II Power Station 24 million 4th July 2017 4th January 2019 August, 2019
EXIM BANK OF INDIA USD22.5M Drilling of 8 boreholes and reservoirs, laying of the raw water transmission from wellfield to Sukuta plant, laying of the transmission main from Sukuta Water Treatment to Fajara, distribution of water from Sukuta to: Yuna, Mariama Kunda, Latriya, Jabang and Sare Pateh with a distance of 165km.    2 elevated tanks. 20,900,000 15 Apr. 2018 25 Mar. 2020
OIC MEMBER STATE AND SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY                       USD 22.5M . Increase water production with tansmission of 67km expanding and improving water distribution upto 50km 22.5 Million 18 months after signing of contract
OIC MEMBER STATE AND SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY                       USD 10M Upgrading the medium  voltages in GBA 10million 18 months after signing of contract
Install 15 MVA Transformer Parallel to the existing one
B.O.T. Design, Installation and commisioning 10 MW Solar PV 10MW under PPA 0.135USD/Kwh