NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that The Gambia Electricity Sector Roadmap is now available for download under Customer care downloads, Thank you.

NAWEC currently operates two distinct sewerage systems, namely a waste water treatment system at Kotu Sewerage and an untreated waste water system in Banjul. The Kotu system is relatively in good shape but would need additional funds to replace aging pumps. For Banjul and the hotel areas, investments would be required in pumps, plant, piping and equipment to improve the efficient running of the system.

Banjul Sewerage

P4 and P11:     P11 is in a fairly good operating condition. P4 requires a complete refurbishment of the station. The pumps, control panel, riser pipes and generator need replacement to efficiently operate to standard. A good reconditioned tank with high pressure and jetting machine was acquired to enhance removing of blockages and cleaning of the sewer pipelines. This has greatly improved our services but this tank has started developing gear problem.

Bund Polder:

The condition of the Bund Polder station is a serious concern for NAWEC now. During a high tide in October 2010, all our external steel flap gates were detached from their support and the timbers of the corresponding internal gates were rotten and could not close properly. During this period, the tides were at the peak and there was nothing to stop the seawater leading to heavy inundation of seawater into Banjul through the gates and flooding some parts of Tobacco Road. The maintenance team was engaged to carry out emergency repair works by completely fabricating 3 new flap gates and their anchorage. The construction and installation of these new gates took about 6 weeks. The cost of maintaining this station is becoming very expensive and it is none revenue operation for NAWEC. NAWEC is of the opinion that the operations of this station be handed to BCC who are responsible for the drainage system of Banjul.

Kotu Sewerage

Stations 1, 2, 3 and 4 are all in fairly good operating conditions. However, all stations are operating only on one pump without a spare. The guide rails need replacement. The control panel at station 3 needs replacement.

NAWEC’s limited financial capacity prevented a more prominent action in 2011. However, in 2011 the Sewerage network in the hotel areas is being expanded.

The income generated from this sector cannot cover cost operation and henceforth is being subsidised unsustainably by NAWEC.



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