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Over the past years, the actual available generation capacity in the Greater Banjul Area could not be effectively transmitted and distributed due to the poor and obsolete transmission and distribution network. Two 33 kV transmission lines with a total length of about 115 km convey electricity from Kotu to 33/11 kV substations. The new Bijilo Substation was inaugurated in 2009. Lines at a voltage of 11 kV (total length 181 km) from the substations carry electricity to 11/0.4kV-transformer stations at various locations in the GBA and Brikama. Low voltage lines from the substations distribute electricity to three phase and single-phase consumers at 400 V and 230 V respectively.

In 2009, the existing transmission and distribution system was still characterized by acute problems that have become more distinct since the addition of the 25MW Brikama IPP power plant in 2006. Constraint exists in the medium-voltage network in adequately offloading the existing power to the grid. Load flow studies undertaken in 2008 by Messrs NEPCO; indicate that faults on the 33 kV Feeder linking Brikama Power Station with the GBA – Network, will necessarily turn into a complete loss of the system, thus causing general Black-out. Moreover, the marine climate affects the reliability of the Coastal line. The salt-loaded air has substantially lowered the dielectric strength of the insulators and also affected mechanical strength of system hardware (insulators, clamps, conductors, etc).

This problem is aggravated by the fact that the majority of the medium voltage feeders are not only overloaded but do contain sub-standard sections which restrict their transmission capacity. The most adverse consequence of these problems is that load shedding is inevitable even when there is sufficient generating capacity. During the load-shedding exercise, equipment and components will be operated which is not meant for such actions (fuses and fuse carriers are damaged, circuit breakers and sectionalises are being put under stress while their design is for a different operation). As a matter of inadequate switching facilities, load-shedding will place the operational staff at extreme risks.

Despite the above constraints, there are some improvements to be recorded 2008 for the reporting period, such as:



Construction of the temporary 33/11 kV Bijilo Substation by NAWEC

In operation

Construction of the New 33/11 kV Bijilo Substation by GPS under NAWEC funding

In progress

Maintenance/Rehabilitation of 11 kV Feeder 2 out of Kotu Power Station


Maintenance/Rehabilitation of 11 kV Feeder 5 out of Kotu Power Station


Maintenance/Rehabilitation of 11 kV Feeder 3 out of Kotu Power Station


Maintenance/Rehabilitation of 11 kV A-Circuit out of Mile 2 Substation


Maintenance/Rehabilitation of 11 kV Banjul Circuit out of Mile 5 Substation


Maintenance of all 33/11kV Switchgear installations in the Primary substations

Completed, but recurrent

Tree trimming

Completed, but recurrent



Reinforcement of T& D Network

Bijilo Substation

Construction of the 33/11kv – 15MVA Bijilo sub-station has been successfully completed and it has, so far, enhanced electricity supply to the Gambia Tourism Development Area where most of the hotels are located. The substation has also helped in alleviating the poor voltage problem that used to be encountered in the BRUSUBI and Brufut Garden area.

Electricity Network

Plans are also underway to upgrade, rehabilitate and expand the existing Low Voltage Network in the Greater Banjul Area. A loan agreement of US$22 million already been signed between the Government of the Gambia and BANDES Bank of Venezuela. The upgrading, rehabilitation and expansion of the network will significantly reduce losses and subsequently improve the finances of NAWEC. Bids for the supply of the electric materials and accessories are currently being evaluated.


The Provincial transmission system has been commissioned in 2006 and 2007. For record purposes, it is of interest to note the followings T&D assets installed in the provinces:



Installed transformer capacity:

about 17 MVA

Number of transformers:


Length of 30 kV transmission lines

some 250 km

Mixed MV/LV overhead lines:

100 km + 35 km LV twisted aerial cables lines

LV overhead lines

94 km

Service connection lines

80 km

30 kV Submarine river crossing at Farafenni

900 m



Under umbrella ECOWAS through the West African Power Pool(WAPP) efforts are ongoing to create ECOWAS energy market through the internnection of all ECOWAS member states to a single grid. The Gambia is expected to be connected through the OMVG and Cross-boarber interconnection. The Maps below highlight achievement registered.






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