NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that The Gambia Electricity Sector Roadmap is now available for download under Customer care downloads, Thank you.

The company operates thermal power stations that runs mainly on heavy fuel oil for the provision of the power supply to the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) and Diesel Power Stations in the Provinces (Rural). Since 2006, NAWEC purchases electric energy from the Independent Power Producer, Global Electric Gambia (GEG).  A scale Wind-turbine, operated by the rural community of Batokunku, is connected to the NAWEC grid. The project concept provides for the installation of a wind power facility of a capacity of 150 kVA, with a connection to the passing overhead line in the form of a 33/0.4 kV 200 kVA transformer Station.

There are two (2) power stations within the GBA:

  • Kotu Power Station - KPS
  • Brikama Power station (Independent power producer) – BPS
  • Brikama Power station (II)

There exist 7 isolated power stations in the Provincial Gambia. Total installed capacity in the country is 85 MW

The annual power production in the country is on an upward trend and currently turns around 250 GWh with a peak load base on available. Gambia’s Electricity Supply is entirely dominated by fossil energy based on petroleum products such as Light Fuel Oils (LFO) and Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO). As a result of vigorous efforts by the management of NAWEC, Electricity Losses dropped 2% in 2011.


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