NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that The Resettlement Policy Framework for the (GERMP) is now available for download under Customer care downloads, Thank you.

How can I apply for a service?

• You can apply for water or electricity service from any of our branch offices.

What documentation do I need to provide?

To complete your application form, you need to provide the following documentation

  1. Photocopy of compound document example, Alkalo`s transfer document, local authorities transfer document or any receipt of rate payment or lease document
  2. Photocopy of I.D Card or Passport
  3. NAWEC nearest electricity pole number if any
  4. Simple sketch plan of the location of your property/compound
  5. D200.00 non-refundable application fees

 After completing/filling the application form, what next?

  • Your application would be surveyed to determine the feasibility of your request
  •  If your request is within the specified service connection limit, you would be issued with an invoice


 How long does it take for an application to be processed?

  • The process could take between four (4) to twelve (12) weeks


What is the maximum limit for a normal electricity service connection?

  • The maximum limit for a normal electricity service connection is 45 meters
  • Please note that, any request for electricity service connection beyond 45 meters is considered as an extension.


What is the maximum limit for a normal water service connection?

  • The maximum limit for a normal water service connection is 150meters
  • Please note that, any request beyond this limit is considered as an extension


Can I still have a service if my application for both water and electricity are beyond the normal service connection limit?

  • Yes, but you would have to foot the cost of the required pole/s from NAWEC identified private contractors.

What is the minimum cost for a normal single phase electricity service connection?

  • The minimum cost for a normal single phase connection is D6,500 for applicants within the GBA and D3,000.00 for applicant at the provinces
  • For the three phase meter, the minimum charge is D21,000.00
  • For a normal maximum demand meter, the minimum charge is D50,000.00


 What is the minimum cost for a normal water service connection?

• It depends on your distance from the main pipe but, it can range between D6, 610 for ¾ inch connections, D8, 200 for 1inch connections to D15, 000 plus for 11/4 inch pipe respectively

Where can I pay my invoice?

  • As at now, all invoices are paid at the NAWEC Head Office at Kanifing
  • You will be issued with a receipt after payment and a copy of paid stamped invoice.
  • Please note that, NAWEC will only process your connection after paying your invoice


  • Always remember that, your invoice is valid for only 30 days and after this period, you would be charged additional fees of D200.00 for re-invoicing.
  • To avoid delays in the execution of your electricity service connection, please make sure you fix the bracket or service pole at the right position on time as indicated on your invoice.

After the installation of my water service, how long should I wait before I receive my first bill?

  • If you don’t receive your bill after two months, please contact your nearest NAWEC branch or NAWEC Head Office

What is the cost of replacing a conventional meter to prepayment meter (cashpower)?

  • Replacing electricity conventional meter to prepayment meter (cashpower) is FREE

Do I have to fill an application form for replacement?

  • No, in replacing your conventional meter to cashpower, you only need to settle all your outstanding arrears on the account and provide the nearest pole number to your compound and your contact number.

Can I transfer my meter?

  • Yes this can be done but, you need to request in writing through the Commercial Director or Customer Relations Manager
  • You should provide a copy of your I.D Card or Passport plus a copy of the compound document where the meter would be transferred to
  • You must also provide the nearest pole numbers for current location of the meter and the intended place of transfer
  • You must make sure the arrears on the account is settled in full in the case of a conventional meter
  • The transfer fees for a single phase meter is D2,000.00
  • The transfer fees for a three phase meter is D4,000.00
  • Please note that, all conventional meters to be transferred would be replaced to Cashpower before transfers.


What is a Cashpower meter?

  • Cashpower is a prepayment meter suitable for both domestic and commercial consumers. The meter contains a calibrated measuring device which assures the correct usage of electricity dispensed from the main supply.

What are the advantages of using a Cashpower meter?

  • It is user friendly, no meter reading, no monthly bills, no billing discrepancies, no inconvenience of disconnecting and reconnecting service
  • Cashpower empowers you to use any of your appliances at your convenience and you can buy any amount ranging from D30.00 at any time
  • There is no expiry period for units purchased but not used
  • With cashpower, you are always in total control of your consumption
  • Please note that, routine inspection of our meters is carried out from time to time.


Can I buy cashpower units from any of your branches?

  • Yes! You can purchase cashpower units from any of our branch offices each day from 8.00 am to 10:00 pm and at the Head Office from 8:00 am to 12 midnight each day.
  • You may also purchase cashpower tokens from the following Elton oasis:
    • Kairaba Avenue, Old Jeshwang, Tanji, Bijilo, Manjai Kunda, Sukuta, Brikama, Tabokoto, Faji Kunda from 08.00 Am to 12:00 Pm
    • And Badala and Serrekunda 24 hours.
    • Your Cashpower number is a unique number and therefore, you must always provide the meter number to the Revenue Collector before you could purchase your electricity units
    • The token numbers on your receipts are the ones you enter into the keypad on the meter and amount purchased would register.
    • Please try to avoid making errors in entering the token numbers as your meter might block after three errors. In situations like this, please contact the cashpower department for assistance.


What is the prepayment electricity tariff for Domestic, Commercial and Major consumers (D)?

  • Domestic = 9.10
  • Commercial = 9.70
  • Hotels /Club/Industies = 10.40
  • Agriculture = 9.10
  • Councils/Governments = 9.70


When is the meter reading period?

  • Meters are read at the beginning of each month usually from the 1st to the 10th
  • Bills are distributed at the same time that the meters are read by the same Meter Reader
  • The same Meter Reader reads both the water and electricity meters
  • If you don’t receive your bill after this period, please contact your nearest Nawec branch office or Customer Relations Department at Nawec Head Quarters.
  • Monthly meter readings are entered on a meter reading card and therefore, you can always verify the accuracy of your bills.

When there is water leakage what should I do ?

  • It is the customer’s responsibility to protect themselves against
    losses through leakage after the water meter. In this respect we
    recommend that you compare the reading on your meter 
    and bill regularly to monitor your monthly consumption. However
    if there is a leakage before the meter, kindly contact your nearest
    branch office during working hours or call 169 any time (24/7).

What should I do before I make changes or additional fittings to my water supply?

  • Customers are reminded of their obligation to notify NAWEC
    of any changes or additional fittings to be installed on an existing
    Supply. All such work is subject to Examination by NAWEC to ensure
    Compliance with the Regulations, to Prevent waste leading to high,
    Consumption, misuse or contamination of the water.


Where can I find your nearest service centers?

HEAD OFFICE (Kanifing)                          4376607/4376608 
BANJUL BRANCH                                    4224003 
BAKAU BRANCH                                     4495279/ 4495253 
SERREKUNDA BRANCH                            4393665 
CHURCHILL’S TOWN BRANCH                   4371224/4371221 
LATRIKNDA SABIJI BFRANCH                   4370924/4370920 
LONDON CORNER BRANCH                      4370623 
BRIKAMA BRANCH                                  4484534 
SOMA BRANCH                                      5531215 
FARAFEENNI BRANCH                             5735217 
BANSANG BRANCH                                 5674412 
CASH POWER                                        4375981.


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