PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NAWEC informs the general public that the current electricity situation in the GBA is as a result of some maintenance being carried out on two engines in both Brikama and Kotu Power stations since on Monday 4th September, 2017. This has made it extremely difficult for NAWEC to distribute normal supply to all customers at the same time thus stretching the load shedding rooster. Consequently, it has led to the low pressure or lack of water being experienced in the water supply system. NAWEC assures its esteemed customers that extra efforts will be made to keep the rest of the generators available during the period in order to minimize the load shedding as a result of the absence of the engines. NAWEC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and promises to restore normal supply as soon as works on the engines are completed. Thank you.


NAWEC informs the general public that there shall be some slight changes in the operating hours of its cash offices in the GBA during the Koriteh Feast 2016. The move is taken to ease the buying of cash power tokens and other business transactions (paying of bills and invoices) and also to give our cashiers the opportunity to perform their prayers during the day.

The operating hours of all the branches during the Koriteh feast are as follows:






12:00am (midnight)



20:00pm (8:00)



20:00pm (8:00)


Please note that these changes are for the day of Koriteh only and all other branches will remain closed during the day. Normal business service and the usual operating hours shall resume from the second day of the feast.

NAWEC regrets any inconvenience this may cause its valuable customers but solicits the understanding and cooperation of the general public.


Thank you.


NAWEC is pleased to inform the general public that it is embarking on the wholesale of electricity tokens in the form of scratch cards that could be resold to the public. The said scratch cards are in different denominations and could be conveniently used by NAWEC customers to refill their cash power meters using the GAMCEL network as the platform at the comfort of their homes.

Interest parties are herby informed that NAWEC only accepts wholesale clients, who could serve as agents of NAWEC in selling the said cards to our customers at discounted rates. In view of the foregoing, scratch cards will be sold at a minimum wholesale price of D10, 000 with a 6% discount. Individuals, corporate institutions, groups, business partners and all categories of entities interested in the said offer are kindly requested to approach the Procurement Department of NAWEC, where forms could be collected and expression of interest made. Further details and clarifications could also be made at the same office.

 The general public is in the same vein hereby assured that apart from the minimal charges by the network service provider, GAMCEL, there are no extra charges on the available tokens on any of the scratch card denominations. The provision of these cards is in line with NAWEC’s continuous desire to serve our valued customers through innovative products and services. It is hoped that with the advent of these cards, customers could be availed the opportunity to buy cash power tokens at the nearest NAWEC agent instead of forming long queues at our branches.

NAWEC finally assures interested agents and customers of excellent service. Forms could be collected from Mondays to Thursdays during working hours only. 


NAWEC wishes to inform its customers that payment of both water and electricity bills are due on Friday 12th June, 2015. Customers are hereby informed that NAWEC will embark on a massive disconnection campaign with effect from Saturday 13th June, 2015.

Customers who have not settled their bills are urged to do so with immediate effect to avoid disconnection. Please note that account(s) disconnected will only be restored after full payment is effected and the required re-connection fee paid. Customers are also informed that all arrears will be disconnected this time and the re-connection of services might take up to 72 hours. NAWEC solicits the cooperation of all its valued customers.

Thank you.  




NAWEC informs the general public especially its business partners, suppliers or contractors that it is a policy directive that all businesses should register with The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) before operating in the country. Therefore, NAWEC would from henceforth implement that policy directive in its business dealings with all partners, suppliers or contractors.

In that regard, any company or supplier wishing to send quotations or invoices for any business with NAWEC should attach its business registration documents from GRA.

All businesses, partners or suppliers are also informed that they must bring along receipts when collecting payments from any NAWEC Accounts Office. This is in line with the normal Accounting procedures and concerned persons, companies or Business entities are kindly urged to comply to ensure smooth and effective implementation.




NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that it has been requested by the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA) to levy Value Added Tax (VAT) on its services. After upgrading its system to be able to accommodate the VAT transactions, NAWEC will now charge 15% VAT on its services effective on the 1st of April 2013 as follows:


  • All domestic category with an average monthly consumption of 1000kwh and above (i.e. D9100 and above)
  • All other categories (commercial, Agriculture, local authorities, Government institutions and industries) shall pay 15% VAT regardless of amount consumed i.e. 1kwh and above.


  • All domestic customers with a monthly average consumption of 250 cubic meters and above (i.e. D4041.60 and above)


  • All other categories (commercial, Agriculture, local authorities, Government institutions and industries) shall pay 15% VAT regardless of amount consumed i.e. 1cubic meter and above.


 All the necessary system adjustments are completed in accordance with the VAT protocols and all categories of consumers who fall under the above mentioned threshold will begin to pay VAT from April, 1st 2013.

NAWEC solicits the cooperation and understanding of the general public in this regard.


Thank you.

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