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The Water and Sewerage Division comprises three departments, namely:


·         Water Production

·         Water Distribution

·         Sewerage


Water Production and Distribution


NAWEC’s water services continued to improve in recent years in terms of performances and output. This is partly due to the expansion works and increased maintenance of water facilities in particular the modern water treatment plant in Brikama and all associated components.




Raw water from boreholes is being pumped through a transmission line to the treatment plant and then clear water from the treatment plant to the elevated tanks and through distribution pipes to consumers. There exist 59 operational boreholes distributed amongst four water treatment plants namely, Fajara, Sukuta, Serrekunda and Brikama and seven stand-alone systems at Mandinari, Yundum, Brikama Nema old tank, Brikama Kabafita new tank, Kanifing tank, Kembujeh borehole and Kerr Serigne. The total production capacity of these boreholes is over 90, 000 cubic meters per day.




NAWEC currently operates two distinct sewerage systems, namely a waste water treatment system at Kotu Sewerage and an untreated waste water system in Banjul. The Kotu system is relatively in good shape but would need additional funds to replace aging pumps. For Banjul and the hotel areas, investments would be required in pumps, plant, piping and equipment to improve the efficient running of the system. The Sewerage system constitutes the Banjul Sewerage, Bund Polder. The Kotu Sewerage system also consist of stations 1, 2, 3 and 4 which are all in fairly good operating conditions. However, all stations are operating only on one pump without a spare. The income generated from this sector cannot cover cost of operation and is largely subsidized by NAWEC.




·         Old pipes, especially asbestos pipes resulting to frequent burst pipes and loss of water.

·         Soil erosion exposing pipes which eventually get burst by motorists.

·         Aging boreholes and equipment leading to difficult operation of the water supply.

·         Inadequate materials due to cash flow problems

·    Mal-operations/handling/usage of the sewerage system in Banjul leading to expensive operation and unhealthy situations.

·         Costly relocation of water services during road works and other infrastructural development.


Way Forward


·         Intervention in the replacement of all asbestos and aging pipes

·         Construction of water ways to minimize erosion effects

·       Sewerage management to be transferred to municipalities to easily attract donor funding under the cover of social services provision and inter-city bilateral

·         Relocation cost be adequately costed in infrastructure development projects and made available to NAWEC.


Health & Safety

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