PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NAWEC informs the general public that the current electricity situation in the GBA is as a result of some maintenance being carried out on two engines in both Brikama and Kotu Power stations since on Monday 4th September, 2017. This has made it extremely difficult for NAWEC to distribute normal supply to all customers at the same time thus stretching the load shedding rooster. Consequently, it has led to the low pressure or lack of water being experienced in the water supply system. NAWEC assures its esteemed customers that extra efforts will be made to keep the rest of the generators available during the period in order to minimize the load shedding as a result of the absence of the engines. NAWEC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and promises to restore normal supply as soon as works on the engines are completed. Thank you.

The Human Resource Development and Administration Division works towards enhancing the capacity of the company to effectively deliver on its mandate. The Division aims at acquiring, building and retaining human capacity to provide quality, efficient and effective services to the public. It provides strategic and day to day support to the various Divisions of the company and ensures that  NAWEC has the human capacity to deliver on its mandate. 

It exists to co-ordinate the effectiveness of the company and administration of Human Resources and other allied services to ensure that the staff matters are promptly attended to with a view to motivating the company’s employees for effective performance and productivity. It also ensures there is optimal utilization of the human capacity throughout the organization as a basis of effectively and efficiently attaining set objectives.

The Division’s function is to ensure that human resources and administration policy guidelines are in place, correctly interpreted and fairly applied relating to its various functions of planning, recruitment and selection, discipline/grievance handling, compensation, employee relations, staff welfare, staff training and development, asset management, utilities and office maintenance and statutory compliance.

The success of the company is enhanced in having a sound organization structure and requisite staffing and tools/equipment to deliver on its mandate.

The staff nominal roll by end of February 2014 stands at 1,733 for permanent staff and 61 for the casual staff.


The Human Resources Development and Administration Division has endeavoured to increase training offered to staff internally. This will become possible once adequate staff have been recruited to meet the numerous challenges that lie ahead. Various policies and procedures will be formulated to help in the general administration and staff well-being.

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