PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NAWEC informs the general public that the current electricity situation in the GBA is as a result of some maintenance being carried out on two engines in both Brikama and Kotu Power stations since on Monday 4th September, 2017. This has made it extremely difficult for NAWEC to distribute normal supply to all customers at the same time thus stretching the load shedding rooster. Consequently, it has led to the low pressure or lack of water being experienced in the water supply system. NAWEC assures its esteemed customers that extra efforts will be made to keep the rest of the generators available during the period in order to minimize the load shedding as a result of the absence of the engines. NAWEC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and promises to restore normal supply as soon as works on the engines are completed. Thank you.

The Internal Audit is in charge of the controlling of internal operations. With the current staffing, the Unit cannot satisfy fully the expected work schedules imposed by the day to day operations of an Institution such as NAWEC. Technical audits are to be institutionalised in the short run.

Activities of the unit

The unit has been undertaking the following activities:

·         The unit carries out daily branch auditing within the GBA and at least a monthly auditing of the branches and fuel and    lubricants in the Provinces.
·         Reconciliations of the cash power collections with the banks for both the GBA and the Provinces.
·         The unit continues the monitoring of the Venezuelan project materials.
·         Pre-auditing the Over Time for all Departments for completeness and accuracy as part of the payroll audit.     
·         Audit of fuel and lubricants for both Kotu Power Station and the Provinces


·         Technical audit exercises were conducted on both the Banjul sewerage and the Boreholes within the GBA and these reports are submitted to management.

Health & Safety

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