PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NAWEC informs the general public that the current electricity situation in the GBA is as a result of some maintenance being carried out on two engines in both Brikama and Kotu Power stations since on Monday 4th September, 2017. This has made it extremely difficult for NAWEC to distribute normal supply to all customers at the same time thus stretching the load shedding rooster. Consequently, it has led to the low pressure or lack of water being experienced in the water supply system. NAWEC assures its esteemed customers that extra efforts will be made to keep the rest of the generators available during the period in order to minimize the load shedding as a result of the absence of the engines. NAWEC apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause and promises to restore normal supply as soon as works on the engines are completed. Thank you.

The IT Division is responsible for creating & maintaining IT infrastructure for the whole organization. Information Technology (IT) plays an increasingly larger role in determining how the organization conducts business. As a result, NAWEC continues to accord the Division the importance it deserves in the smooth operations of the company.

As part of its achievements, a Fibre Optic back bone LAN (Local Area Network) with a capacity of 300 nodes has been created at the Head Office. All the computers installed at Head Quarters and remote sites are connected with LAN to share files and printers. WAN (wide Area Network) infrastructure connecting Head Quarters with remote sites has been created through outsourcing to local ISPs.

The IT Division helps users to resolve all problems and responds to requests for information in the different IT fields – hardware, software, telecommunications and infrastructure, manages all software, supplies and equipment (PCs, laptops, keyboards, mice, screens, fixed line and mobile telephones, printers, photocopiers, scanners, etc.). Offers a range of services which users can request when necessary (installation, moving or removing of equipment and software, allocating rights of access, filing/restoring data, providing personalised training, etc.). Guarantees a coherent, high-performance ‘client’ IT architecture and runs projects relating to the study and introduction of new equipment, operating systems and software for workstations. Performs tests to ensure that applications specific to the NAWEC and developed in-house can be successfully implemented.

Designs, implements and guarantees the smooth running of centralised equipment and resources, for example servers, software and connection infrastructure. Ensures the daily availability of the systems, and is responsible for implementing all necessary technical procedures when work restarts after a systems failure. Manages the various databases, defines and maintains the telecommunication systems linking NAWEC Remote sites and also its partners (Agencies, Banks) and ensures that all security measures are in place (encryption, firewalls, etc.). Studies, develops and maintains the internal applications and databases necessary for the smooth running of the NAWEC. It also manages third-party application maintenance, studies and implements external applications such as those implemented by other IT firms and software packages chosen by the NAWEC.

Software developments and their maintenance are done internally as per the user’s requirements. IT dept has developed software for Finance, HR and Commercial as well as maintaining the same.

The IT Division achieved the following milestones in 2013:

·         Participated and developed an IT strategic direction that is incorporated  in the Company corporate plan for year 2014-       2018.

·         Improved the reliability of application systems by implementing “internally developed applications” around the Billing and accounting systems (Billing and Finance Apps)
·         Implemented a communication network to access Cash power through fibre VPN network (GAMTEL fibre linked HQ to Soma, GAMTEL Earth Station, GTBank)
·        Implemented data sharing across functional areas through increased use of the Intranet/Internet.

  • Increase the availability of NAWEC information through the use of the Intranet/Internet Network



Procurement of Billing and Accounting Software System and Hardware

With respect to the grant of D364, 000 for the procurement of a billing and account software system and hardware, NAWEC obtained a ‘No-Objection’ from the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for invitation of Inova – SI for contract negotiation following the evaluation of its bid as the most responsive and successful one. NAWEC was required to make a counter-part contribution of about US$72,000 including additional works. A fibre Optic Backbone Local Area network and Server hardware were installed and commissioned in 2010 and subsequently the Billing software was installed and commissioned in 2011.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A wide area network was setup through an ISP, linking remote sites within the greater Banjul Area since 2006. In 2010 the Provincial sites were also connected.

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