NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that The Gambia Electricity Sector Roadmap is now available for download under Customer care downloads, Thank you.

Finance Department

The challenge of NAWEC, over the past couple of years, has generally been to access sufficient financial resources to be able to procure fuel and spare parts. With volatile oil prices in the international market, coupled with the need to repair and overhaul some of the engines and lack of fuel pass through mechanism on tariff severely affects the sustainability under the current mode of generation. Notwithstanding, NAWEC with the support of The Gambia government continue to work tirelessly that efficient and affordable services get to the door step of every Gambia.


NAWEC in October 2011 using the PURA approved model applied for 33% tariff increase for water, electricity and sewerage services to meet its basic operational cost.The 33% increasewas obtained for water. However, the major cost driver of NAWEC which is electricity generation received an average 17% increase instead of 33% requested. This left a financing gap that NAWEC had to fill to ensure smooth operation. The massive loss reduction exercise paid dividends but the fact that more than 70% of NAWEC expenses is on fuel and spare parts related, a big gap has to be financed through loans and overdrafts in the absence of a government subsidy.


As a measure to increase financial performance, government has been instrumental in helping NAWEC to replace all the conventional electricity meters of all non-critical government institutions and installation and this has, to a great extent, assisted in improving the revenues of the company and as a consequence reduces potential arrears. Recovery of debts owed by Area Councils and some government institutions can significantly alleviate the dire situation of the company and government is currently being engaged by NAWEC to assist in this endeavour. Loss reduction exercises are also on course through the Venezuela project.

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