NAWEC wishes to inform the general public that The Gambia Electricity Sector Roadmap is now available for download under Customer care downloads, Thank you.

The Commercial Division provides the interface between the customer and NAWEC. This includes the installation of metering, and subsequent billing and revenue collection. By nature of its mandate, the Commercial Activities cover mainly the Monthly Billing, Credit Control, Meter Reading, Prepayment Services, Customer Relations and Loss Control.

Among the main challenges faced by this unit is the issue of faulty meters (both for electricity and water) and illegal connections; however, giant strides were recently taken to resolve or at least mitigate said concerns. The Commercial Division kick started a project to replace all credit meters to Pre-payment Meters (cash power) to reduce losses and maximise revenue. The situation of water meters was assessed and then plans put in place to replace all faulty meters by 2011. Loss reduction and Revenue Protection programmes have been given more attention for the improvement of NAWEC operations.

In addition, the Division in 2012 successfully completed the installation of a new billing system which is now in full operation.



Technical and commercial losses are estimated to be about 24%. The balancing of energy measured from the source of production to the consumption is ongoing. In partnership with T&D, vigorous loss reduction program is put in place through prepayment metering; replacement of aging network and faulty meters, inspections amongst others is in progress. The total number of new electricity prepayment meters installed in 2011 is 15, 780 meters whiles in 2012 are 19, 831 meters representing an increase of about 26%. In 2012, 1,339 faulty meters were replaced to prepayment. By end 2012, total electricity prepayment customers stood at 85, 071.


The losses are becoming less striking for the water network. NAWEC made several efforts to reduce these losses over the past years including effective metering, replacement of water mains amongst others. Water net losses in 2012  are around 35%. The total number of new water meters installed in 2011 is 2, 356 whiles in 2012, number of new water meters connected are 2, 696 meters representing an increase of 14 %.

The total number of new water meters installed in 2009 is 2,838 Meters whiles in 2010, number of new water meters connected are 2,287.


Greater Banjul Area (GBA) electricity accounts for about 85% of the entire NAWEC turnover, whilst water sales in GBA and provincial electricity accounts for 10% and 4 % respectively. The remaining 1% is shared between sewerage and provincial water sales in the ration1:2.


Commercial Partnerships

In order to serve customers better, NAWEC is strategizing to ensure its services reaches to every door step of the Gambian society. NAWEC has established cash power vending systems with Trust Bank Gambia and Elton oil. The company has also entered in partnerships with GSM companies like QCELL and GAMCEL for cash power vending through SMS and NAWEC’s own scratch cards. 


·         Faulty meters resulting to dispute by on customer bills and reputational damages
·         Faulty meters resulting to loss of revenue
·         Network failures resulting to long queues at cash power outlets
·         Exorbitant rates, royalties and licenses fees levied to NAWEC such as boreholes royalties etc
·         Theft through meter tempering and illegal connections
·         Tougher penalties for theft
·         Highly volatile fuel prices which is major cost driver
·         Inadequate tariff to cover cost of operation
·         Non payment of bills
·         Way Forward
·         Replacement of all faulty meters
·         Harmonization of the rates, royalties and licences as one
·         Revisit the royalties charged on boreholes vis-a-vis water tariff
·         Index fuel and spare parts prices to the user tariff as in the case of fuel pump price
·         Ensure line ministries adequately budget for utility bills

·         Municipalities and councils to be compelled to pay bills

Health & Safety

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