PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT NAWEC wishes to inform its customers that payment of both water and electricity bills are due on Wednesday 12th April, 2017. Customers are hereby informed that NAWEC will embark on a massive disconnection campaign with effect from Thursday 13th April, 2017. Customers who have not settled their bills are urged to do so with immediate effect to avoid disconnection. Please note that any account(s) disconnected will only be restored after full payment is effected and the required reconnection fee paid. Customers are also informed that all arrears will be disconnected this time and the reconnection of services might take up to 72 hours. NAWEC solicits the cooperation of all its valued customers. Thank you.

Message from the Chairman


The Board of Directors in collaboration with the Management of the National Water and Electricity Company Ltd (NAWEC) continue to work tirelessly towards improving the provision of electricity, water and sewerage services to its valuable customers.  Since reliable water and electricity supply are important catalysts in the socio-economic development of any nation, the Board and Management of NAWEC, with the guidance of the government will strive to put in place appropriate strategies and the enabling environment for NAWEC to take its rightful role in achieving our national development blue prints such as vision 2020, the MDGs and the PAGE. We are aware of this important crucial role in the national development voyage and as a result, the Board will continue to be guided by the cardinal principles of providing affordable, reliable and efficient electricity, water and sewerage services to the population.

Amidst this great determination however, we have not lost sight of important challenges we are faced with, which need to be confronted with determination, commitment, patriotism, sacrifice and selfless service. These challenges can be complex in view of the demographic dynamics that put extra pressure on our services and the global economic crisis. Although the said challenges are not unique to NAWEC, we must always be proactive enough to mitigate their effects on our much needed services.

The Board has recognized the huge investments government has made in the Energy sector to ensure NAWEC fulfills its mandate. Tremendous achievements have been registered over the years as a result. Some of these achievements include the increase in production and coverage of NAWEC services. For instance, water production increased from 29.5mio.m3 in 2011 to 30.1mio.m3 in 2012. In the electricity sub-sector, major works undertaken recently include but not limited to the rehabilitation, refurbishment and extension of the network to replace the old transmission networks and expand our services to some parts of the Greater Banjul Area.

All these achievements have been possible thanks to the personal and unflinching support of His Excellency the President of the Republic, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya A.J.J Jammeh.

I wish to extend our sincere gratitude to the Ministries of Energy and Finance for their guidance and support, our other public and private sector stakeholders as well as our valued customers for their collaboration and partnership. I firmly believe that NAWEC can continue to count on this support in its stride to improving the lives of the Gambian people.

In conclusion, I wish to congratulate the Management and staff of NAWEC for their hard work over the years. I hope this website will be immensely helpful to our valued customers and potential investors in providing the much needed information about NAWEC.


Mustapha Colley

Chairman, NAWEC Board of Directors

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